Westwater Announces Results of Coosa DFS

Westwater Resources Inc of Centennial, CO has announced results from the definitive feasibility study (DFS) for its Coosa Graphite Project near Kellyton, AL.

The overall capital cost of Phase I of the project is estimated to be US$202 million, staged over 17 months of construction.

Christopher Jones, Westwater’s CEO, said, “This has been a high-quality effort by the Westwater team, Samuel Engineering, Dorfner Anzaplan and Harper. The result is a first quality facility, well-timed to take advantage of surging demand for lithium-ion batteries and the graphite that makes them work. The move to make these batteries in the U.S. from domestic sources makes the Coosa Graphite Project even more important. We could not be more please with this effort and result.”

Phase I: Beginning in early 2023, the project is expected to begin processing approximately 8,050 tonnes/year of graphite concentrate. Feedstock is anticipated to be supplied from outside sources until at least 2028. After processing and purification the yield is expected to be 3,700 tonnes/year of coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) and 3,800 tonnes of fine products.

Phase II: The processing capacity is anticipated to increase to approximately 35,200 tonnes/year in 2024 and the yield will be 15,800 tonnes of CSPG and 16,600 tonnes of fine products.

Volume 35, Issue 19

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