Wacker Plans Increase in Silicon Metal Capacity at its facility in Holla, Norway

The Wacker Group of Germany has announced plans to expand its production capacity for silicon metal at its facility in Holla, Norway. The company plans to install a new furnace which will increase the site’s capacity by about 50%. The decision to build the new furnace could be taken toward the end of the year and, if so, would be completed in 2025. Currently, the silicon metal produced in Holla covers around one-third of demand at Wacker’s sites in Germany.

Christian Hartel, Wacker’s CEO, said, “In order to meet the high customer demand for our silicone specialties and our high-quality polysilicon, we need to ensure that we have sufficient amounts of silicon metal at all times. By expanding our captive production, we will become more independent of price fluctuations on raw material markets and enhance our supply security, both during times of peak demand and if problems arise in relation to restrictions in global supply chains.”

Volume 36, Issue 10

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