US Gypsum Sells Over 5 Billion Square Feet of Wallboard

United States Gypsum Co of Chicago, IL has reported a fourth quarter operating profit of US$51 million on net sales of US$455 million compared with an operating profit of US$12 million on sales of US$381 million in the same period of 2012. The company’’s gypsum wallboard shipments increased 13% to 1.38 billion sq ft and the average price improved from US$132.26/MSF to US$155.09/MSF.

For all of 2013, U.S. Gypsum made an operating profit of US$216 million on net sales of US$1.76 billion versus an operating profit of US$89 million on sales of US$1.51 billion in 2012. Full year 2013 wallboard sales volumes increased 9% to 5.14 billion sq ft. The average sale price increased from US$131.70/MSF to US$154.04/MSF.

Volume 28 issue 4

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