Schlumberger and Panasonic to Collaborate on Lithium Extraction and Production

Schlumberger New Energy of Houston, TX and Panasonic Energy of North America have entered into a collaboration agreement for the validation and optimization of the lithium extraction and production process to be used by Schlumberger’s NeoLith Energy pilot plant to be constructed in Clayton Valley, NV.

Allan Swan, president of Panasonic Energy of North America, said, “Panasonic has a longstanding commitment to contributing to society and increasing sustainability in the supply chain as we work to produce the world’s safest, highest-quality and most affordable batteries is a critical priority. We look forward to working with Schlumberger New Energy to help achieve our vision of advancing the lithium-ion battery space and accelerating to a clean energy society.”

Ashok Belani, executive VP with Schlumberger New Energy, said, “Panasonic is a pioneer in electric vehicle battery technology, and we are excited to collaborate with them in developing our differentiated direct lithium extraction and production processes. We are committed to extending the global supply chain for advanced lithium compounds to support the forecasted surge in demand and enable new opportunities for lithium production globally.”

Neolith Energy’s objective is to pump brine from the subsurface, extract greater than 90% of the dissolved lithium, and pump more than 85% of the brine back to the subsurface in an environmentally safe manner.

Volume 35, Issue 11

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