Rio Tinto Titanium Feedstock Production Declines 11% in 2014

Rio Tinto has reported 2014 borates production of 508,000 tonnes, a 3% increase from 2013 and fourth quarter 2013 production of 123,000 tonnes, a 1% increase from the same period of 2013. The company attributes the increased production in 2014 to higher sales demand and the commissioning of a new modified direct dissolving of kernite process plant during the year. Rio Tinto’s fourth quarter titanium dioxide feedstock production, at 316,000 tonnes, was 13% lower than the prior year period. For the full year the company produced 1.44 million tonnes, a decrease of 11%. Full year production reflected the impact of lower market demand. The company notes that during the year, in Gabon it concluded target generation activities over heavy mineral sands target areas. Dampier Salt of Australia, 68.4%-owned by Rio Tinto, produced 9.94 million tonnes of salt in 2014, a slight increase from 2013 when it produced 9.84 million tonnes. Dampier’s fourth quarter production was 1.8% lower at 2.71 million tonnes.

Volume 29 issue 2

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