Red Moon Evalues Gypsum Expansion at Flat Bay

Red Moon Potash Inc of St John’s, NL has announced that production continues at its Ace gypsum/anhydrite mine in western Newfoundland. Three shipments have been made to date and a fourth was scheduled for mid-October and another for early November. Production is expected to exceed 100,000 tonnes for the season.

In anticipation of future demands for gypsum, Red Moon has been evaluating further mine development opportunities in the Flat Bay area. The company is also preparing to undertake an independent third party review of the resource endowment of gypsum and anhydrite that remains at the Flat Bay mines towards attracting the capital necessary to finance an expansion of operations.

Red Moon also reports that it continues its efforts to finance a feasibility evaluation of its Captain Cook salt project in western Newfoundland. The proposed project would produce two million tonnes/year of salt for the deicing market. Given the emerging interest in mining investment generally, the company remains optimistic that the project will proceed to feasibility given its infrastructure attributes.

Volume 34, Issue 21

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