Ontario Matches Feds Contribution to BEV Plant

The Ontario government has announced that it is matching a CDN$295 million investment from the federal government to retool Ford of Canada’s Oakville assembly complex into a global hub for battery electric vehicle (BEV) production. The CDN$1.8 billion investment is one of the most significant investments in the province’s auto sector in a generation.

Dean Stoneley, Ford Canada’s CEO, said, “With the support of the federal and provincial government, Ford of Canada is investing in the future of its Ontario-based operations, solidifying its commitment to providing thousands of well-paying jobs in Ontario and becoming the first automaker in the country to build full battery electric vehicles (BEV) while delivering operational improvements that will maximize production flexibility to ensure we remain operationally competitive.”

Ford’s Oakville plant will be modernized with a flexible manufacturing system able to accommodate multiple battery electric vehicles. It will also include the installation of a battery-pack assembly line. The first electric vehicles are expected to roll off the assembly line in 2025. There will also be opportunities for the provinces mining industry with new demand for lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc, and rare earth minerals.

Volume 34, Issue 21

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