Mammoth Increases Sales Volume, Prices for Sand Proppants in 2021

Mammoth Energy Services Inc of Oklahoma City, OK reports that its natural sand proppant services division contributed fourth quarter 2021 revenue of US$10.8 million compared with US$11.8 million in the same period of 2020. The company sold approximately 270,000 tons of sand during the latest quarter at an average price of US$17.84/ton compared with 100,000 tons sold in the fourth quarter of 2020, at an average price of US$15.59/ton.

For all of 2021, the division contributed revenues of US$34.9 million compared with US$34.4 million in 2020. The division sold 1.0 million tons of sand last year, an increase of 0.5 million tons over 2020. The division’s average sales price for the sand sold in 2021 was US$16.76/ton, an increase from US$14.58/ton average sales price in 2020.

Volume 36, Issue 05

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