Holcim Makes Investment in Blue Planet Systems’ Mineralization Technology

Holcim North America of Toronto, ON has announced an investment in Blue Planet Systems Corp of Los Gatos, CA. The funds will be used to support the development and commercialization of Blue Planet’s mineralization technology. The technology sequesters carbon emissions into aggregate that can make concrete carbon-negative. Each tonne of Blue Planet’s aggregate can mineralize up to 440 kg of CO2, preventing it from emitting into the atmosphere.

David Redfern, Lafarge Canada’s CEO, said, “This is an important step for us in North America. Our vision is to transform our St. Constant plant in Montreal, QC into a carbon campus that ultimately advances commercialization of mineralization technologies including Blue Planet’s products. We look forward to advancing our Net Zero strategy by leveraging mineralization technology that allows us to use the CO2 from our own cement plants to produce carbon neutral or carbon negative sand and gravel products.”

Volume 36, Issue 11

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