Hectatone Certified to Sell Clay as Mycotoxin Binder

Western Lithium USA Corp of Reno, NV has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Hectatone Inc is now a certified vendor with a Fortune 500 industrial group to sell Hectabind products internationally to the animal feed market as mycotoxin binders. The Hectabind products will be manufactured at the company’’s new Hectatone organoclay facility in Fernley, NV. Frank B Wright, president of Hectatone, said, “Hectatone continues to innovate to target entry into established markets for agricultural and industrial applications offering our clay and organoclay based products. In these higher value markets, potentially much larger than the oilfield market, we are planning to deploy products from our Fernley plant, which is now fully operational.” During the first quarter, Hectatone successfully completed manufacturing campaigns for its organophilic bentonite products B-91 and B-92, and its organophilic sepiolite products RM-99 and RM-100. The company’’s B-91 product has now been approved by five drilling service companies, with one company expected to begin field trials.

Volume 29 issue 11

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