Great Lakes Graphite Receives All Permits for Matheson Restart

Great Lakes Graphite Inc of Toronto, ON has announced that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment has approved an amendment to the air/noise permit for its micronization facility in Matheson, ON. The company now has all the required permits to restart and operate the plant. With the permit amendment in place, the company remains on track to begin production at the facility in the first quarter of 2016.

The Matheson micronization facility has been maintained since its closure and is in compliance with all environmental and regulatory requirements. Great Lakes Graphite’’s capital expenditure program will significantly improve graphite upgrading processes while taking advantage of its substantial existing infrastructure resources. When operating at targeted capacity, it is estimated that the facility will process approximately 10,000 tonnes/year of high carbon graphite concentrate.


Syrah Resources Ltd of Australia has signed a statement of sales intent (SSI) with Hiller Carbon LLC. Hiller is a leading supplier of raw materials to North American electric arc furnace (EAF) steel producers and other customers in the paper, foundry, lime, polymer and chemical sectors. The Company’’s areas of expertise include: carbon products, operation of carbon processing and milling operations, supply chain management (including transportation logistics), and product quality management.

The SSI will be valid for a five-year period with prices negotiated between Syrah and Hiller Carbon on an annual basis. Hiller intends to purchase between 25,000 and up to 35,000 tonnes of Balama natural graphite recarburiser per annum for resale.

Tolga Kumova, Syrah’’s managing director, said, “”We are very excited to be working with Hiller Carbon to market Balama recarburiser in North America. This agreement supports our belief that Balama natural graphite is an ideal product for the EAF steel industry, which requires a high quality carbon additive with low impurities. In addition, this agreement is also highly synergistic with our proposed spherical graphite facility in the U.S., which will produce recarburiser manufactured specifically to exacting standards of EAF steel customers. The ability to access the North American recaburiser market will create another revenue stream for the proposed spherical graphite facility.””

Syrah is progressing the Balama graphite project in Mozambique and has plans to construct a 25,000 tonnes/year coated spherical graphite facility in the U.S.


Alabama Graphite Corp of Toronto, ON has published results from downstream lithium-ion battery tests recently performed on the company’’s coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) that was produced from the flake graphite obtained from the company’’s Coosa graphite project in east-central Alabama.

Alabama Graphite plans to commence a small-scale mining and primary flake graphite processing operation and subsequently divert 100% of its output to secondary processing and production of specialty graphite (specifically CSPG) for use in lithium-ion batteries.

Elcora Resources Corp of Halifax, NS is continuing to develop a unique graphene production process, which can use a wide variety of natural graphite sources as raw material to produce consistently high quality graphene. The company says that its graphene has been independently tested at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials at the National University of Singapore and is currently ranked by the Centre as number one in the world in terms of quality due to its structural quality, crystalline size, carbon content, and morphology.

Sunvault Energy Inc of Edmonton, AB and Edison Power Co of Delaware have announced the results of a number of tests on its graphene reinforced plastics technology. The companies say that graphene has the potential to change the landscape as far as plastics are concerned with potential uses ranging from automobile parts to smart phones to body armour.

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