Gratomic to Ship Graphite to Forge Nano for Coating

Gratomic Inc of Toronto, ON has announced plans to build a pilot facility to internally process up to 1,000 tonnes of SG16 battery grade anode materials for the electric vehicle market in the second half of 2021. This initial pilot facility, if successful is expected to be followed by the construction of a demonstration facility, which will process up to 2,000 tonnes/year beginning in 2022 and up to 20,000 tonnes/year once the demonstration facility is converted into a full final production phase.

The facility will be located at the company’s warehouse located at the Port of Luderitz Bay, Namibia. While Gratomic completes the development of the pilot facility, graphitic material will be shipped to Forge Nano Inc of Thornton, CO for atomic layer disposition coating in preparation for use as a battery anode material.

Volume 35, Issue 06

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