Geomega Process Extracts Value from Bauxite Residue

Geomega Resources Inc of Montreal, QC reports that its wholly-owned subsdiary, Innord Inc, has developed a bench-scale process to process bauxite residues (BR) generated by the Bayer process. Further, it has entered a research agreement with an international industrial partner to extract rare earth elements, scandium, and other critical materials from the residues.

Geomega believes that bauxite residues are a perfect fit to expand Innord’s extraction technology, which had been originally developed for rare earths extraction from various feeds, including recycled magnets and, potentially, ore from Geomega’s Montviel deposit in Quebec.

Kiril Mugerman, Geomega’s CEO, commented, “We are thrilled to be working on such an important environmental global challenge. Aluminum, the most produced non-ferrous metal in the world, is a key material of the 21st century for such major industries as transportation, aviation, construction and many other sectors. In the environmentally conscious world we now live in, local environmental regulations and social acceptability dictate that now is the time to find a solution to BR storage. There is a tremendous economic potential benefit as well, as every tonne of BR contains between US$80-120 worth of critical and strategic metals that are becoming imperative to recover.”

Volume 35, Issue 11

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