Geomega Expands Efforts to Extract Rare Earths and Critical Metals

Geomega Resources Inc of Montreal, QC has announced that it is expanding and leveraging its research and development expertise. The company is currently evaluating the potential to extract and refine rare earths and other critical metals from a broader range of mining feeds, including mining and industrial waste streams. The company has begun to work with companies that are in production, and through testing at its R&D test centre in Boucherville, QC, Geomega will be evaluating the potential to extract value that is otherwise being lost.

Kiril Mugerman, Geomega’s CEO, said, “Geomega’s corporate goal is to develop innovative technologies for extraction and separation of rare earth elements and other critical metals essential for a sustainable future. The technologies in question will differ from the ISR technology that was developed for recycling of rare earths from permanent magnets. Nonetheless, irrespective of the metal or the sources, we are adopting a consistent approach to reduce the environmental impact and to contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions through recycling of the major reagents in the process and reducing net energy consumption.”

Geomega is currently evaluating several feeds in the mining industry, e-waste, mining tailings and industrial waste that have significant value in metals such as cobalt, lithium, vanadium, nickel, niobium, titanium, tantalum, chromium and other metals.

Volume 34, Issue 17

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