Forge Nano and Mineral Commodities Ink Deal

Forge Nano of Thornton, CO and Mineral Commodities Ltd of Australia have signed a memorandum of understanding for the use of Forge Nano’s proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) coating technology. Forge Nano’s surface engineering platform technology will be used to apply atomic level coatings to Mineral Commodities’ natural graphite materials.

Paul Lichty, Forge Nano’s CEO, said, “We are excited to be fully supporting Mineral Commodities as a key technology partner in their path towards large-scale anode powder production. Our high throughput ALD coating technology will enable them to compete with established anode producers globally. The collaboration adds to our growing set of partnerships in the graphite anode space, a testament to the value of our technology.”

Forge Nano states that batteries using ALD-stabilized graphite show increased cycle life, reduced capacity fade, increased conductivity, and greater stability under a variety of conditions such as high voltage, fast charge, or high/low temperature storage and operation.

Volume 35, Issue 16

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