FLSmidth Expresses Interest in Focus Project

Focus Graphite Inc of Ottawa, ON announces that FLSmidth (FLS) of Denmark has expressed its formal interest to further evaluate the company’’s Lac Knife, QC graphite project in order to provide Focus with a “one source” solution of engineering & technical services and supply of mineral processing equipment. The initial set of Lac Knife mineral processing equipment being proposed by FLS bears a feasibility study level cost of CDN$12 million. A second set of equipment could include dewatering, filtration, and conveyance equipment used for the dewatering and dry-stacking of tailings. Don Baxter, Focus’ president, said, “This potential debt facility represents 7% of Lac Knife’s total project financing requirements, raising the total of potential vendor financing to approximately 20%. Terms of a debt facility are to be negotiated and a comprehensive disclosure will be released at a later date.” A deal with Caterpillar Structured Finance that Focus announced earlier this year could provide about 12% of project financing. Focus has also announced results from independent laboratory test work that was commissioned to compare Lac Knife carbon coated spherical graphite to commercially available carbon coated synthetic graphite currently being sold for use in anodes for lithium ion batteries. Northern Graphite Corp of Ottawa, ON reports that independent testing has confirmed that flake graphite concentrates from the company’’s Bissett Creek, ON deposit meet or exceed quality requirements for all major markets and in particular, refractories and expandable graphite. Testing was carried out by NGS Naturgraphit GmbH which provides a broad range of consulting, research and development and laboratory services to graphite producers, dealers and consumers. Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has announced an award of CDN$8.1 million to Grafoid Inc to automate Grafoid’s production of low-cost, high-purity MesoGraf graphene. The contribution from SDTC, in the form of non-repayable grant, will be used to design and test the automation system for the production of constant quality MesoGraf. Further, the grant enables the testing of pre-commercial products using MesoGraf graphene from the automated system. Gary Economo, Grafoid’s CEO, said, “Effectively, this CDN$8.1 million federal government funding grant enables us to take a giant leap towards graphene’s broader commercialization. It will permit us to increase MesoGraf production output from kilograms to tonnes within our global technology centre in Kingston, ON.” NanoXplore Inc of Montreal, QC has announced that its graphene production facility in Montreal is in full operation with a capacity of three tonnes/year. The company says its proprietary process gently and efficiently creates pristine graphene from natural flake graphite without creating the crystalline defects that can limit performance. And the facility is routinely producing several standard grades of graphene as well as derivative products such as a unique graphite-graphene composite suitable for anodes in Li-ion batteries. Dr Soroush Nazarpour, NanoXplore’s CEO, said, “I am very pleased to announce the successful launch of our production facility. The simplicity and robustness of our production technology has enabled this achievement and positions NanoXplore as a leading graphene company. Our customers have been very pleased with the high quality of the material being produced. Our stringent quality control ensures the highest levels of graphene performance and batch-to-batch consistency.” Canada Carbon Inc of Vancouver, BC has begun the process of re-permitting the graphite processing mill on its wholly-owned Asbury Project. The company anticipates receiving written approval shortly from the Municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus, which is also the owner of the land upon which the mill and its associated tailings ponds are located, to proceed with its application to obtain a permit to operate a tailings storage facility. R Bruce Duncan, Canada Carbon’s CEO, said, “The potential use of the 100%-owned Asbury Project mill site is a logical option for Canada Carbon to consider, due to the existing infrastructure, and the proximity to our projects. The historical use of the property for the processing of graphite has provided us with substantial information with respect to environmental and social impacts, which should make the task of obtaining permits easier for us.” Eagle Graphite Inc of Toronto, ON reports that it is working with various laboratories and testing facilities to demonstrate the suitability of its graphite, mined in British Columbia, for advanced applications, with particular emphasis on lithium ion batteries. The company has made numerous sales of small quantities to graphene producers and researchers, and its graphite has been sold for use in hydrogen fuel cells. Zenyatta Ventures Ltd of Thunder Bay, ON has signed a contribution agreement with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and will receive a grant of CDN$500,000 to help support and advance the process flow sheet for its Albany graphite deposit in northeastern Ontario.

Volume 29 issue 5

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