First Cobalt Changing Name to Electra Battery Materials

First Cobalt Corp of Toronto, ON has announced that it is expanding its strategic plan to provide battery grade nickel and cobalt, recycled battery materials and precursor material to the North American supply chain. To better reflect this move, the company is changing its name to Electra Battery Materials.

Trent Mell, First Cobalt’s CEO, said, “Our automaker clients have a strong interest in greater localization of the upstream supply chain to achieve greater reliability, security of long-term supply, and a lower carbon footprint. With the continent’s rich mineral endowment, the rationale for supplying battery materials through Asia into a growing U.S. electric vehicle market is not sustainable. Electra will act as a bridge between North American electric vehicles and a North American electric vehicles and a North American source of primary and recycled material, providing a low carbon solution for zero emission vehicles.”

Volume 35, Issue 21

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