Compass Identifies Lithium Resource at Ogden Property

Compass Minerals International Inc of Overland Park, KS has identified a lithium brine resource of approximately 2.4 million tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) at its active Ogden, UT solar evaporation site, including an indicated lithium resource within the ambient brine of the Great Salt Lake. 

For over 50 years, the Compass’ Ogden facility has yielded sulfate of potash, salt and magnesium chloride products. Currently, the company is undertaking a strategic evaluation to assess development options available to service U.S. domestic lithium market demand while maximizing the long-term value of its lithium resource.

Kevin Crutchfield, Compass’ CEO, said, “We are aggressively evaluating multiple paths forward for this significant lithium brine resource to optimize shareholder value, in parallel with a reassessment of our current capital allocation strategy. In a market hungry for domestically sourced lithium produced with minimal environmental impact, we believe a sustainable and readily available lithium resource like we have defined at our operations on the Great Salt Lake could be a true differentiator for our company.”

Compass has completed an initial assessment to define the lithium resource at its existing operations. The assessment estimates total combined indicated and inferred lithium resources of approximately 127,000 tonnes LCE within the interstitial brine held in the accumulated salt-mass reservoirs at the company’s Ogden solar evaporation site.

Compass is targeting an annual production capacity of 20-25,000 tonnes/year of LCE of battery grade lithium, with up to 65% of the future production derived from brine that has already been extracted from the Great Salt Lake and in varying stages of concentration within the company’s existing ponds.

The company notes that it is actively engaged in third-party testing of conversion options for battery grade lithium hydroxide.

Volume 35, Issue 13

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