CMC and Western University to Collaborate on Zeolite Research

Canadian Mining Co Inc (CMC) of Vancouver, BC has entered into a long-term research collaboration with the Zeolitic and Nano Materials Laboratory at Western University in Ontario. The laboratory will conduct tests and evaluate CMC’s natural zeolite deposits in order to develop new value-added products as well as exploring potential applications of the company’’s natural zeolite for animal husbandry and agricultural industries. The laboratory provides expertise and houses facilities to carry out research and development projects on characterization, modification and testing the properties of Canadian Mining’s natural zeolites. CMC says that according to preliminary test results, Canadian Mining’s natural zeolite showed very promising results, which opens new windows of opportunities for Canadian agricultural industries. United States Antimony Corp (USAC) of Thompson Falls, MT reports that wholly-owned Bear River Zeolite Co (BRZ) shipped 11,182 tons of zeolite in 2013 down from 12,228 tons in 2012. The average sales price per ton decreased from US$216.73/ton to US$189.09/ton. The net result was a decrease in sales from US$2.64 million to US$2.20 million. BRZ’s gross profit, however, rose from US$313,442 to US$404,454.

Volume 28 issue 11

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