Big North Graphite Receives El Tejon Report

Big North Graphite Corp of Vancouver, BC has released a report prepared by Tetra Tech WEI Inc titled “Grafito de Mexico Property Plant Assessment Report” regarding the company’’s recently acquired El Tejon project in Oaxaca, Mexico. As part of its study, Tetra Tech estimated the cost and start up time required to bring the El Tejon mill back into operation. The study estimates an initial investment cost required to bring line 1 to operational status is approximately US$2.25 million which also includes infrastructure requirements, equipment and clean-up of the process plant. And a total estimated investment cost of approximately US$5 million would be required to bring the process plant to full operational capability. The study states, “Following the visual assessment made of the process plant and its facilities during the site visit, the following general recommendations can be made. The initial objective should be the restoration of line 1 to production status at the nominal rate of 250 tonnes/day within a nominal period of six months of receiving the decision for the project to proceed. The additional objective is for line 2 to be operational within 18 months of the project go-ahead thereby increasing the plant feed rate to 500 tonnes/day.” Northern Graphite Corp of Ottawa, ON has announced that initial testing, using production scale equipment, has confirmed that large flake graphite from its Bissett Creek, ON deposit has a spherical graphite yield of 50%. Spherical graphite is used as the anode material in lithium ion batteries and, notes the company, industry yields are generally 33% or less. Grafoid Inc of Ottawa, ON has opened a 225,000 sq ft graphene technology center in Kingston, ON. The center houses the company’’s MesoGraf research and development laboratories, production facilities, graphene material testing, engineering and product development operations. Gary Economo, Grafoid’s CEO, said, “The technologies we develop here in Kingston with our institutional and corporate partners could lead to graphene’s broad commercialization. This year we have embarked on another round of funding to meet our ambitious objectives and acquisition plans. We have plans to raise US$50 million and will be announcing further details on our progress in the coming months.” Energizer Resources Inc of Toronto, ON has initiated a full feasibility study for its Molo graphite project in southern Madagascar with the results to be released in the fourth quarter. Results of the company’’s recently completed pilot plant operation confirmed that 43.5% of the Molo deposit is classified as the premium-priced large and extra-large flake, with an average purity level in excess of 97% achieved through standard flotation alone. Energizer is targeting production by mid-2016.

Volume 28 issue 16

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