BASF Plans Commercial-Scale Lithium Battery Recycling Plant for Germany

BASF of Germany has announced plans to build a commercial-scale battery recycling black mass plant in Schwarzheide, Germany. The company says that the site is an ideal location for the build-up of battery recycling activities given the presence of many EV car manufacturers and cell producers in central Europe. Start-up of the plant is expected to be in early 2024. The produced black mass will be the feedstock for a commercial hydrometallurgical refinery for battery recycling that BASF plans to build in the mid-2020s.

Dr Peter Schuhmacher, President of BASF’s Catalysts Division, said, “With this investment in a commercial-scale battery recycling black mass plant, we take the next step to establish the full battery recycling value chain at BASF. This allows us to optimize the en-to-end recycling process and reduce the CO2 footprint. The closed loop from end-of-life batteries to cathode active materials for new batteries, supports our customers along the entire battery value chain, reduces the dependency from mined raw materials and enables a circular economy.”

Volume 36, Issue 12

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