AMI Buys Montney and Duvernay Sand Deposits

Athabasca Minerals Inc (AMI) of Calgary, AB has bought-out the at arm’s length partners of Privco 1 and Privco 2 to secure 100% ownership of each company, which respectively hold the Montney and Duvernay domestic sand deposits. These transactions were combined and concluded for eight million AMI shares to be issued in three milestone installments and valued at CDN$2.0 million in total.

Robert Beekhuizen, AMI’s CEO, stated,”AMI’s increased ownership in Privco 1 and Privco 2 to 100% supports our strategy and commitment to advance the Montney and Duvernay projects and affordably deliver premium domestic, in-basin sand to the Western Canadian market. With imported American sand still dominating the supply chain, our goal is to bring a more competitively-priced, high-quality, ‘Buy Canadian’ alternative.

Volume 35, Issue 04

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