Albemarle Streamlines Flame Retardants Business

Albemarle Corp of Baton Rouge, LA has announced that it is streamlining its portfolio of mineral flame retardant products and refocusing its efforts and resources on further development and growth of key product grades. The company says the changes will allow it to place greater emphasis on innovation for technologies designed to meet the future needs of customers. Albemarle will immediately discontinue the manufacturing of the following products, but will continue to sell the products until the end of 2015 or until inventory has been depleted: Martinal ON, Martinal ON 310, Martinal 313, and Martinal 4608. These coarse aluminum hydroxide flame retardants are used in wire and cable bedding compounds, electronic and electrical components based on thermoset resins, building materials, mass transportation, paints and varnishes, paper and plaster with organic binder. Albemarle says it will continue to manufacture Martinal ON 313S, Martinal ON 320, Martinal ON 904, Martinal ON 906, Martinal ON 908, Martinal ON 921, and Martinal ON 935. These flame retardants are used for mass transportation and other thermoset resin applications to reduce the viscosity at highest loadings. Albemarle has also announced that it will increase production capacity for its fine precipitated alumina trihydrate product line at its Bergheim, Germany facility, with expected completion by the end of 2015. Troy DeSoto, Albemarle’s Vice-President/Fire Safety Solutions, said, “These changes position Albemarle for sustained success in the marketplace. This streamlined portfolio enables Albemarle to more quickly respond to growing demand with our scale-up production capacity.”

Volume 29 issue 6

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